Mokattam, garbage village collector , Cairo Governorate, Egypt



Academic & Skills improvements sessions


We make a specific program for each child. We evaluate them and make a program unique to their learning ability. Each child attends six sessions every day. Our academic program teaches our children how to recognize shapes, spatial awareness, reading and writing and mathematics. Our fine motor session improves their motor skills, our gross motor session works with the child to use their whole body and grasp their capacity to know their spatial surroundings. The socialization session helps them to recognize and communicate with others. We teach them how to communicate appropriately given their certain interactions with family, friends, and acquaintances. We also teach them Arabic to enhance their vocabularies, so that they are able to communicate better outside the Center. We teach them the need to understand health and hygiene, to teach them how to be independent and know how to care for themselves like bathing, using the restroom, put on clothes etc. 

Additionally, we provide art, music and computer training as well.

Center Of Love

Mokattam, garbage village collector , Cairo Governorate, Egypt
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