Mokattam, garbage village collector , Cairo Governorate, Egypt



Abraham Shehath

Abraham is one of the Center’s disabled adults;  he is unable to speak but can hear. Due to his disability he was considered a burden to his family. His family constantly asked for financial help from both the Church and center, but did not want to take on any responsibilities for Abraham.  Because of this, Abraham was left to beg on the streets for years. His life was very unpleasant - left to fend for himself, he was mocked and assaulted on the streets. He began coming to the center during the day and participated in the vocational training program as well as speech therapy and health training, so that he could build up his abilities to provide for himself.  Over the years at the Center of Love, Abraham learned how to write and can understand when being spoke to.   During his training, he learned how to sort and recycle materials very well.  The Center of Love then connected Abraham with a community member willing hire disabled individuals to work.  He has now been working for two years.  He works full-time, received an incredible raise in income and enjoys his work.  His life has been completely changed.  His family respects him, he has created a network of friends, and can communicate well enough to create positive relationships with his coworkers.  He is seen as a respected man among the community and is devoted to his job, family and church.  The Center of Love still provides assistance when he needs it, but he has become an individual of respect and self-provision which would hae never been possible before.  Abraham’s story reflects everything the Center of Love hopes to achieve for all of its students.

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Mokattam, garbage village collector , Cairo Governorate, Egypt
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