Mokattam, garbage village collector , Cairo Governorate, Egypt




Throughout my entire life, I have masked myself as a person who is indifferent and unaffected by wasteful feelings. Nonetheless, I was never confident about my true self. In fact, I was ashamed of so many things: my appearance, my unnatural use of English, and,above all, my decision to conceal those complications from anyone else. However, the perception of me has changed as I worked with the children at Center of Love in Mokattam. All the children, especially girls, at the center once were accused of imperfection. The ones who gave birth to them tied them up with ropes and treated them no better than animals. That killed me when I actually found out the children are perfect like the other ones on the street. They may not be able to draw straight lines, they may not be able to color the house in coloring papers neatly, they may not know how to wipe their runny noses. Nonetheless, the way they offer me to eat their precious caramel and the way they cheerfully hold my hands with their tiny ones are absolutely lovable. It is always exciting that my presence itself can make them smile and the innocent, purifying smiles tell me that I am actually a better being than I think. It is not the sense of superiority but the sense of being loved that endorses my inferiority.  Every time, the children and the directors at the center thank me for helping them. However, I rather thank them for providing wonderful opportunities to make small yet significant changes in their lives and also in my own.

Center Of Love

Mokattam, garbage village collector , Cairo Governorate, Egypt
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