Mokattam, garbage village collector , Cairo Governorate, Egypt



Sena Kang

Even though the time I stayed in the center was not a long time, I could reflect a lot about myself. When I first sat next to Phoebe, she seemed like a normal elementary school girl. After the supervisor asked me to teach Phoebe how to draw a square, I felt little ironic that this big girl does not know how to draw a simple square. However, after I asked her to draw a square in the paper, I soon realized that Phoebe has a disorder. With supervisor’s help, I learnt that I should draw four points to help Phoebe to draw a square. I could see Phoebe feeling comfortable and soon she started to draw a better square. Compliments after each line made Phoebe happier and joyful. To me, drawing a square is a simple thing that I mastered when I was in kindergarten. However, to Phoebe, it was an achievement that made her happy. After observing Phoebe’s attitude toward the achievements, I could reflect on my attitude of my life. I was really thankful to my life that I could have an education with full of love and care. However, regardless of these fortunes, my desire for unnecessary things is endless. I decided that I should dedicate these fortunes to others, like Phoebe, who feels happiness with small little things.

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Mokattam, garbage village collector , Cairo Governorate, Egypt
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