Mokattam, garbage village collector , Cairo Governorate, Egypt



Gamal Shokri

Gamal is a very special lady at the Center of Love.  Her life testimony is hard and full of struggles but she still smiles, laughs and praises God for blessed days on Earth.  Gamal has diabetes that has caused a lot of problems for her health.  She suffered from a car accident 20 years ago and did not recover well and had trouble walking.  After time, her diabetes weakened her body and she is unable to walk.  Gamal has been a widow for 25 years, she has four children, 2 are married but the other two are mentally and physically disabled. Even though she suffers from her sickness, she still takes care of her two disabled children.  She does everything with her children and makes sure they are included in all aspects of her life, she takes them to events at the Center, Church and she does not go anywhere without them. Unfortunately she suffered another loss, with the death of her handicapped son, but through everything she still praises and thanks God for her life and is joy to be around.  We work with her daughter Elene, as well.  She works at the center of Love of making bags, bracelets and we work with her on her communication skills.

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Mokattam, garbage village collector , Cairo Governorate, Egypt
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